Onstage Swaps -Sea of Textures

I could ask you, “What’s in your wallet?” like in the commercial, but in the case of finishing my swaps, I would have to ask you, “What’s in your SUITCASE??”

I just got back from the Onstage event in Orlando, with 6,000 of my dearest friends (other demonstrators)… and, as is the case with every single year, I ran out the door, things flying out of my suitcase behind me… swaps incomplete, and pieces of cards that I had every intention of completing…  Of course when I got there, I only had SOME of the parts I needed to complete those fabulous cards… I searched my suitcase, and played with what I had!  I loved the way they came out – and so did the demonstrators with whom I swapped!  Be sure to watch the video below to see exactly how I made them… and you can find all of the products I used below too!!

sea 1

Check out how each one is very different!! Be sure to watch the video below to see how I did it!

sea 2

And here are all of the things I used:

“Check” out this Reindeer!

Run Run Rudolph, and get stamping!  This adorable card is made so easy with the use of the fabulous Stamparatus!  What!!?  You don’t know what that is??  That is just plain crazy!  The Stamparatus is a brand new stamp positioning tool, with so many awesome features, that you are gonna want one right away!  I will teach you two different ways to use this great product that will help you get your Rudolph on and get  your cards done before the rush of the holiday season even kicks in!!

I have used the Buffalo Check background again, because I really just can’t get enough of it… It really is so very versatile and is quickly becoming my go-to background!  Tell me you don’t just love it!!!

And here are all of the items I used to make this fun card:


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Stylish Christmas (and a great layout)

Hi there!  I am back again with another card and video for you!  This is a card we recently made in our Christmas Club class, and it was an easy hit.  In addition to having an easy high-impact bow (with a dangling thingy – very technical here), it has a layout that could easily be adapted for just about any occasion, from a fun birthday card to an elegant wedding card…  And, best of all, it is super easy to mass produce if you are in a holiday rush!

Here is the video with a fun craft hack for adding a hanging item (sequin trim here, but would be great for hanging an ornament from your bows)!

And here is what I have used in this card, just in case you can’t live without something…


Walking in the Winter Woods…


So here we are again – it’s October, and we are busily making our Christmas cards around here…  sounds early, right?  Actually it isn’t…  We start making our Christmas cards in our classes in July… we make 12 per month, and by the time Thanksgiving comes around, we have 60 handmade cards ready to drop in the mail!  Too good to be true? nope.  We’ve been doing it that way for years now!

In any case, this month we made a great card with one of the newer stamp sets card Winter Woods…  This set also comes as a bundle, but for this card we only used the stamps.  Should you absolutely NEED these stamps for your collection, (and who could blame you??), then I would recommend going ahead and getting the coordinating framelits in the bundle… then you’d have them for all future projects, AND you’d save 10%!  Beat that!  Who knows, I love this set so much I just may show you a few more ways to use this great set…  I have a video for you , and will attach it here, but I want you to pay close attention to how exactly to make the shimmer spray – it’s easy peasy, and you will LOVE what it does for even the simplest card!


yep… that’s all you need to really “Wow!” ’em!

Check this out:

And here are all of the amazing things I used:



Spooky Sweets Buffalo Check!

I love this card!  I would also love to take credit for the awesome design but, sadly, I can’t…  I saw this card online at Inkspired Treasures, made by the creative genius of Connie Babbert, and I just knew I had to play with it.  Connie made her card in greys, black and orange, but I just LOVE bright green and purple cards for Halloween, so I made a few changes of my own…


I also really needed to teach you a few tricks to make this card super simple!  I even made a video lesson for those video learners (of which I am one)…  Note how easy this is using the Stamparatus…  If you don’t have this yet, then you need to get one pronto!!  Christmas card season is upon us, and if you plan on mass-producing some holiday cards, you are going to want this tool to make your life easier!

You have to see this adorable little bat… He is punched out of the brand new black foil paper, and I really can’t get enough!  I will list all of the supplies I used for my version below the video, so be sure to check them all out!

Okay, so here is the video I promised you…

And here is what I used to make this fun little card:



New Look, New video!

Hey there!  Remember me?  I haven’t posted in awhile, but I have still been stamping, making videos, and teaching classes…  I just haven’t been here because I hired a great company to help move my site from Blogger to WordPress…  What does this mean to you?  Probably not too much, but it should look a bit fresher, and make it a little easier for me to stay more in touch with you!  

I wanted to share a video with you.  This is a card we made recently in a class, and everyone really liked it, so I made a video so you all could play too!  If you need any of the supplies, I can list what I used below, and you can just click on the items to be directed to my 24/7 online store!  Check this out:


Thanks so much for sticking with me!!  Have a great day, and stop back soon!