I could ask you, “What’s in your wallet?” like in the commercial, but in the case of finishing my swaps, I would have to ask you, “What’s in your SUITCASE??”

I just got back from the Onstage event in Orlando, with 6,000 of my dearest friends (other demonstrators)… and, as is the case with every single year, I ran out the door, things flying out of my suitcase behind me… swaps incomplete, and pieces of cards that I had every intention of completing…  Of course when I got there, I only had SOME of the parts I needed to complete those fabulous cards… I searched my suitcase, and played with what I had!  I loved the way they came out – and so did the demonstrators with whom I swapped!  Be sure to watch the video below to see exactly how I made them… and you can find all of the products I used below too!!

sea 1

Check out how each one is very different!! Be sure to watch the video below to see how I did it!

sea 2

And here are all of the things I used:

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